Government Affairs

SHRM Maine State Council Position Guidelines

These guidelines define how the Maine SHRM State Council (MESHRM) takes positions on legislation, regulations and related government affairs matters of interest to our members in Maine. 


SHRM represents the HR profession and individual practitioners, not employers or industries. Taking a MESHRM position means that individual HR professionals always have the right to be silent on an issue or have a view consistent with their industry/employer or other that might differ from SHRM’s.

MESHRM seeks to review and decide whether to take a position only on those bills of interest to our members that are also HR related. For example, we don’t represent the public sector so we generally won’t review or weigh in on bills pertaining to state employees. Our efforts will reflect our membership throughout Maine based on the industries they represent and the subject matter relatedness to our profession. MESHRM represents both at-large and chapter members.

The purpose of this process is to provide direction for our members on how to represent MESHRM (or choose not to) and so that there will be consistent understanding of how positions are decided and expectations for follow up once a position I taken. Our goal is to speak with ONE VOICE, so if you do not agree with the position, please refer the query back to Government Affairs and, if you choose to comment as well, be sure the questioner is aware you are commenting from an industry or other perspective if you choose to speak in opposition to a MESHRM agreed-upon position. Chapter boards are not encouraged to take positions on issues individually, but of course will have much input, along with other members, on what position is arrived at, if any. There will be many times when MESHRM does not recommend a position at all because of the aforementioned complexities. The SHRM Maine Government Affairs Team (MEGAT) is charged with doing the research and inviting your input so you will not be burdened with all the minutia. MEGAT will not act without MESHRM approval and input.

Process for Taking Positions

  • Evaluation & Research – The State Government Affairs Director and team research the issue, seeking the input of SHRM national, the Maine Chamber and other related resources in crafting a recommendation. The Maine Government Affairs Team consists of representatives of each Maine SHRM chapter and may include at-large members as well.
  • Presentation to State Council – The recommendation with supporting documentation and information is presented to the State Council and with feedback requested. If agreed upon immediately, a position could be authorized at this stage. More typically it will be sent back for more information and/or modified to address concerns of Council and resubmitted.
  • State Council Support – Support will be sought via email or on a conference call. If on email, there will be a time limit placed on replies. Specifics of timing and other special considerations will be noted at the time of the request. The Maine SHRM State Council By-Laws in effect at the time will determine voting rules. If a position cannot be taken at that time for whatever reason, a new request can be issued on the same position at a later date.
  • Position Issued – This will be directed to legislators and others under the signature of the State Director with mention of the Government Affairs Director as contact and shared with all MESHRM members so they might also follow up individually for additional advocacy. Positions may be taken on particular bills of interest, regulations and related government affairs.

Effective February 14, 2011